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Cancer and Genetics

Cancer and Genetics

A new study in JCO suggests that genetic variations within AML patients with CD33 may predict their response to gemtuzumab ozogamicin.

A subpopulation of T cells called tissue resident memory cells may be able to determine which cancer patients whose immune system mounts an effective anti-tumor response

In this video, Dr. Edward Kim provides details on the TAPUR trial, which uses broad genomic test results to aid in precision medicine for cancer patients.

A two-pronged algorithm, which includes an analysis for a gene signature and tumor mutational burden, may be a potential new tool for predicting treatment response to checkpoint inhibitors.

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University report on a cascade of events that appears to correlate with early cancer recurrence and decreased overall survival.

A new study is suggesting that testing for variants in seven cancer-associated genes followed by risk-reduction management could cost-effectively improve life expectancy for women at risk for hereditary breast cancer.

Circulating tumor DNA blood tests can rapidly identify treatment-targetable tumor mutations in patients diagnosed with non–small-cell lung cancer.


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