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Cancer and Genetics

Cancer and Genetics

Using a CRISPR gene editing technique, researchers have identified dozens of new genes that create T-cell resistant cancer.

Comprehensive sequencing for all breast cancer genes may provide complete relevant genetic information for Ashkenazi Jewish patients.

Researchers have discovered new associations between breast and ovarian cancer and genes that had not been previously detected, and which may help guide treatment decisions in the future.

A new study in JCO suggests that genetic variations within AML patients with CD33 may predict their response to gemtuzumab ozogamicin.

Men with prostate cancer and one additional primary cancer may harbor a mutation in a cancer-predisposing gene, but the majority of these men do not meet criteria for clinical genetic testing.

A subpopulation of T cells called tissue resident memory cells may be able to determine which cancer patients' immune systems can mount an effective anti-tumor response

In this video, Dr. Edward Kim provides details on the TAPUR trial, which uses broad genomic test results to aid in precision medicine for cancer patients.


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