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Adding Localized Therapy to Ipilimumab Boosts Survival in Melanoma

Local peripheral treatments plus ipilimumab may benefit those with melanoma. Image © Australis Photography/Shutterstock.com 

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Researchers from China have discovered a way to offset the brain complications of leptomeningeal metastases in patients with non-small cell lung cancer.

The FDA is granting Orphan Drug Designation for chimeric antigen receptor engineered T-cells directed against the target protein CD4 (CD4CAR) for the treatment of peripheral T-cell lymphoma.

Automated computer analysis of pathology slide images can more accurately predict lung cancer patient prognosis than can human pathologists, according to researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine.

In a phase III trial, Opdivo (nivolumab) did not meet its primary endpoint, a disappointment to researchers and patients.

A 47-year-old man presents with an “atrophic” lesion of the skin in the right arm. After a biopsy is performed, what is your diagnosis?

Immune response markers from on-treatment—but not pretreatment—melanoma biopsies predict responses to immune checkpoint blockade.

Noncoding RNA appears to be involved in the epigenetic regulation of prostate cancer, according to findings published in Nature Genetics.

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