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Breast Cancer Targets

BRCA Testing, Genetic Counseling Utilization in the Community Setting

Why are breast cancer patients not being referred to genetic counselors? Image © Pressmaster/Shutterstock.com


Breast Cancer Targets

Researchers at Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center have been studying the ability of a novel panel of cell-free DNA methylation markers to predict survival in women with metastatic breast cancer.

A secondary concern of breast cancer is the risk of the cancer cells spreading to the bones, causing severe pain and affecting quality of life. But, a new study has identified how bones get damaged and researchers from Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah are developing a new drug to mitigate this problem.

In my practice, I am constantly being asked how to properly treat scalp involvement in relation to these skin toxicities.

A study recently published is suggesting that a key drug target, CDK4/6, regulates a cancer metastasis protein, and may play a role in combating metastasis in triple-negative breast cancer. In addition, this new finding may point to a new way of preventing metastasis in other cancers.

An anti-HER2 dendritic vaccination may be a safe and immunogenic treatment to induce tumor-specific T-cell responses in HER2-positive, early-stage breast cancer patients.

Researchers have developed a new computational method to better understand what goes on inside a breast cancer tumor.

Two new studies are suggesting that PIM1 inhibitors, which are already in clinical trials for leukemia and multiple myeloma (MM), may help combat triple-negative breast cancer.


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