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Bryant Furlow

Bryant Furlow

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Vaccination with the immune complement component C3d protein blocks tumor-mediated immunosuppression, enhancing antitumor immune response.

Circulating tumor DNA blood tests can rapidly identify treatment-targetable tumor mutations in patients diagnosed with non–small-cell lung cancer.

Adding the PARP inhibitor veliparib to carboplatin and paclitaxel chemotherapy regimens failed to prolong overall survival in lung and breast cancers.

Kinase oncoproteins and growth factors both activate the proto-oncogene c-FOS and DUSP1, allowing the persistence of residual leukemia cell populations despite tyrosine kinase inhibitor therapy.

Unmutated immunoglobulin heavy chain variable region gene (IGHV) status does not adversely impact survival among ibrutinib-treated patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia/small lymphocytic lymphoma.

An adult stem cell-based cardiotoxicity assay might help researchers assess which investigational cancer drugs will harm patients’ heart tissue, potentially causing treatment-associated arrhythmias or heart failure among cancer survivors.

The emergence of ibrutinib-resistant chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) can be detected prior to clinical relapse, according to an analysis of patients from four ibrutinib trials.

ERBB2/HER2 mutations appear to be rare but targetable oncogenic drivers in non-small cell lung cancer, according to findings from a small retrospective cohort records analysis.

An IHC assay for ALK status in non-small cell lung cancer tumor tissue predicts crizotinib treatment outcomes and offers a rapid and potentially less expensive alternative to older FISH ALK status assays.

Antibiotics administered less than a month before initiation of immunotherapies for patients with advanced kidney cancer might impair tumor control, according to a retrospective analysis.


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