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About us

About us

As targeted and immunological therapies become more prevalent treatment choices by clinicians who see cancer patients, it is vital for physicians to be well-versed in current best practices in prescribing and administering the new therapies. The OncoTherapy Network hopes to aid physicians in their goal of improving patient outcomes by helping them gain a better understanding of the newest information available regarding the use of targeted therapies and immunotherapies. OncoTherapy Network features include:

  • Webinars with thought leaders in targeted therapies and immunotherapies, with specific focus on each of the major disease states.
  • Blogs written by thoughtful clinicians on issues they face in everyday practice.
  • Instructional slideshows and videos.
  • Short quizzes designed to hone physicians’ diagnostic skills.
  • Highlight/insights from key conferences covering these emerging therapies.

We would like this site to be a place where clinicians can freely discuss these new therapies—what’s working, what isn’t, and where they think the future of personalized medicine lies. For this reason, we’ve put “comment” boxes on every article—please use them!

Thank you for visiting the site!

Nora Ray
Group Editorial Director
UBM Medica

Michelle Bragazzi
Managing Editor
UBM Medica

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